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Painting Service

In interior/exterior painting projects, we always advise a suitable type of paint taking into account various factors inherent to the properties, such as location, climate, external conditions, etc. Still, we are careful to always assign the choice of paint type and/or color to the client.
We ensure the entire process of assembling and disassembling structures (scaffolding, ballast, etc.), washing facades with a pressure washer, and repairing surfaces affected by cracking and/or saltpeter. In this process we always pay special attention to the protection of the elements present in the intervention areas.

Painting interiors often has the inconvenience of being done in commercial areas in operation. In these situations CAJC seeks to be as flexible as possible with the opening hours as well as in the agility of the completion of the work, never neglecting the quality of work done.
Exterior painting is fundamental to obtain adequate protection of a property against deterioration, climatic elements (rain, wind, sun, humidity), etc. The quality of exterior painting is fundamental for a good quality of life inside.
Pintura interior do Eva Hotel

Interior Painting

A pintura de interiores tem muitas vezes o inconveniente ser feita em zonas comerciais em funcionamento, nestas situações a CAJC procura ser o mais flexível possível com o horário de funcionamento assim como na agilidade da conclusão da obra, nunca descuidado a qualidade dos trabalhos realizados.

Reparação e pintura exterior em moradia
Recuperação de aldeamento
Reparação de madeiras
Reparação e pintura exterior da Salema

Exterior Painting

Somos uma empresa de pintura que atua principalmente no Algarve e que procura em cada projeto entregar aos nossos clientes sempre a maior qualidade. 

A pintura de exteriores é fundamental para obter uma proteção adequada de um imóvel contra a deterioração, elementos climáticos (chuva, vento, sol, humidade) etc.
A qualidade da pintura exterior é fundamental para a boa qualidade de vida no seu interior.

Se procura uma empresa que aposta na qualidade dos materiais aplicados, e acima de tudo na segurança e na formação dos seus profissionais, a CAJC é uma excelente opção, onde irá encontrar uma excelente relação com maior qualidade e com o melhor preço por m2.

The Process


Exterior wall and ceiling surfaces will be washed and disinfected.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

Preparation for the final painting with the prior application of a fixing primer on the surfaces.


Cracks and damaged plaster will be repaired with the best type of approach to the problem (fibrous mortar, fiber mesh, etc).

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

Application of paint with the necessary coats in order to obtain an impeccable finishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the first visit to the site, all requested work and the conditions for the work will be reviewed. After providing the quote and awarding the same, a deadline is agreed with the client to start and finish the work.

 The entire process of assembling the structure (scaffolding, bailers, and lifting platforms) is included in the budget, as is the travel to the site.

We exclusively use the high ranges of the most used brands in Portugal, these being Barbot, Robbialac and CIN.

CAJC provides a warranty of 5 YEARS in all painting works executed. 

OBS: This warranty does not include any kind of damage originating from structure of the property and third parties that has not been repaired by the CAJC.


Remodelação e pintura interior e exterior

Interior/exterior refurbishment - Alvor

Reparação e pintura exterior lote porches farmácia

Exterior Repair and Painting - Porches


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